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The General Statute
binding in the Main Library and all divisions and branches of the Library

Enrolling at the Library
Every Patron who has got the TUL electronic ID card is authomatically enrolled at the Library and has the right to use its services.
Otherwise the user to enroll has to visit the library Monday to Friday 9.00 to 19.30, Saturday 9.00 to 15.00

Lending Division

Opening hours
- Monday to Friday 9.00 to 19.45 
- Saturday 9.00 to 15.30

The right to use the Library

The books can be borrowed by:
  • Lodz University of Technology (TUL) Staff
  • TUL undergraduate Students
  • Postgraduate Students of TUL and  unenrolled students
  • Ph.D. Students of TUL
  • TUL Secondary School pupils
  • Undergraduate Students of other Lodz Universities that signed an agreement
  • Honorary Readers of the Library
  • Retired TUL Staff
  • Persons of age who have paid the deposit - a fee which is calculated on the bases of the value of the book (The minimal cost is given in the Annexe 1.)
  • External Readers and institutions - submitting interlibrary loan requests
A valid Electronic Student ID or Library Card gives the right to use the Lending Room. The valid Electronic Student ID or Library Card enables the persons mentioned above to use the TUL Library Lending Room, the branch libraries collections and electronic resources.

Circulation loan conditions

Every Patron who has got the TUL electronic ID card is authomatically enrolled at the Library and has the right to use its services. Otherwise the user has to enroll the library.

In order to obtain a current Library Card in the TUL Main Library the following documents should be provided respectively:

a)   all interested (a completed application form that is a commitment to obey the rules of the TUL Library, and it is
      also the approval of the loan registration system used in the Library).
and moreover
b)   academic Staff members (document proving their full time job (in the form agreed upon between the Library Director
      and University authorities;
one photograph)
c)   postgraduate Ph.D. Students (student's book with current registration, one photograph)
d)   retired TUL Staff (a proof of identity, retirement from TUL certificate, one photograph)
e)   external Readers (a proof of identity)

The validity of the library card

The Reader is charged for the Library Card. The cost of the newly issued card is 12 zlotys.
Academic Staff Library Card is valid throughout their working period.
Retired TUL Staff Library Card is valid without time limit.
Library Card for deposit loans (mentioned in 3.1.e) is issued for five years.
Library Card of the Honorary Reader is valid indefinitely.
A Reader may be in the possession of only one library card.

The Library Card (TUL electronic ID card) is not transferable. Failure to obey this regulation will result in the right to use the library being withdrawn (for both persons involved).
The loss of the Library Card or any name or address changes should be reported to the Lending Division immediately.

In order to obtain a duplicate of Library Card or for its replacement, if any Reader's personal data is changed, the documents mentioned above should be submitted in the Lending Division. The Reader is charged for the Library Card duplicate - 12 zlotys.

Borrowing allowances

academic Staff members and postgraduate Ph.D. Students 25 vols. 180 days 3 renewals
students 16 vols.   90 days 1 renewal
students attend courses in two different faculties 24 vols.   90 days 1 renewal
Retired TUL Staff 5 vols.   90 days 1 renewal
other readers 3 vols.   30 days no renewals
Renewal can be done in duration of 30 days prior the fixed time of return, not before.

All books on loan can be subject to recall after a shorter loan period if there is a big demand on them; also, giving important reasons the Director can designate another due date and time different than regular discharge date.

The Lending Room gives the Reader the confirmation of clear accounts in the Main Library and its branches if all the obligations are met and the Library Card is returned.

Loan rules

To check out circulating material from the Library the user should have a valid Electronic Student ID or Library Card. The account should be clear from blockades (e.g.. because of overdue items, not paid fees, books not collected on time etc.).

If there is no photograph on their Library Cards, the Readers are obliged to support the card with a proof of identity.

Readers borrow books directly from Open Access Book Stack when the Library is open.

Books from the Open Access Book Stack may be borrowed on the spot, in self Checkout system or at the Lending Library stands, on  presentation of a valid Electronic Student ID or Library Card.

Books belonging to location "PŁ_Księg. wypożyczany, PŁ_Wolny dostęp" may be ordered in computer system only when the Library is closed, work days from 20.00 to 7.00 and during weekends and holidays.
They should be collected within three days since the day the order was made.

The Readers paying the deposit fee are obliged to present in the Lending Room a receipt as a proof of deposit paid. The receipt will be returned to the Reader on return of the books, and it will enable the deposit collection.

The Reader who neither collected reserved books on time, nor made order cancellation, may be punished by suspension of their rights to lend books in the Main Library and Branch Libraries for period of 14 days since the time they should collect books from the Lending Room.

If the fine for late return of books, imposed on Readers who have paid the deposit, is not paid, the adequate part of deposit will be deducted.

Loan and return transactions are computer- registered.

Every reader is obliged to become acquainted with his borrower's account on suitable terminals after every loan transaction. Any doubts should be cleared immediately on the spot.

A Reader who returns the books by post, or with the return box, entitles the Lending Room Staff to carry out discharge function without himself being present, and bears all consequences resulting from this Statute.


Making copies is subjected to currently binding law:

a)   the subject of complete copying prohibition are unpublished work e.g.. doctoral thesis
b)   published items are allowed for copying in fragments, for copying readers personal use.

The Reader may use such copies for their personal use. Copies may not be reproduced or distributed among other persons.

Charges in the the TUL Library
Annexe 1)

1.  A charge for the library card is 12.00 zl
2.  A charge for the library card replacement is 12.00 zl
3.  A charge for the damaged and replaced library card is 12.00 zl
4.  The smallest deposit for the book on loan is 50.00 zl
5.  The fine imposed on borrowers for late return of books is as follows:- 0.05 zl per day per book
     The minimal fine for one overdue item is 1.00 zl, maximal 50 zl.

6.  The fine imposed on borrowers for late return of  books borrowedfrom Reading Rooms is as follows:
      - for each hour 0,30 zl
     - maximal fee 50,00 zl
7.  Charges for the materials from abroad depend on kind of material requested and post office fees.

Fees for library and documentation services based on computer systems
(Annexe 3, 4, 5)

TUL Staff
and TUL students

Other users
1 page A4 printout from laser printer 0,30 zl 0,30 zl
1 CD, DVD disc changeable, depending on purchase price

Prices of Xerox copies - self-service (Price List no. 4)
All Users
A4, one- side, black ink 0,10 zl
A3, one- side, black ink 0,20 zl

Prices of ordered Xerox copies - made by library staff (Price List no. 1)


Copies ordered by TUL staff
Copies ordered by non-TUL institutions,
Interlibrary Loans, TUL students,
TUL staff for non scholarly use
A4, one- side, black ink 0,15 zl 0,35 zl
A3, one- side, black ink 0,30 zl 0,70 zl


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