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How to use catalog

Rules of the Library



You can search for books and journals using library’s computer catalog. You can use „Quick Search” - just type words or phrases to get results. Other option is "Power search". Here you can limit your search using various criteria.

Logging in is necessary to order books and check your library account. To log in to the library account you need:

•     Login: "numer albumu" from your Student ID
      preceded by capital letters "PL" (eg: "PL123456")
•     PIN: 5 last digits from PESEL number
      from your electronic Student ID (in most cases there are zeros)

Press the "Search"
button and there should be provided the list of results with items - books and periodicals - from the Library's catalog. It includes main library collections as well as branch libraries materials.

Choose desired book to get the information about status and location of the book. Unfortunatelly all the information about place of holding and material's status are in Polish.

  1. You have to check "Items info" field to chceck if the book is in the main library (it should says "PŁ BIBLIOTEKA POLITECHNIKI ŁÓDZKIEJ" - other information indicate that the book is branch library)

  2. Look on the list of the items and check if they are in the main library - under the "Holdings" field.

  3. Check the field "CopyMaterial" - if it says "PŁ_Księg. wypożyczany" - the book can be borrow. If it says otherwise - the book can be use (read, scan, copy etc.) only in the library - you cannot borrow it.

  4. Check the field "Location" - if you see the information "Due: 9/3/2016" or any other date, that means that this particular book is already borrowed. But when you see sign "PŁ_Wolny dostęp" that means that the book is on the shelf and you can go to the library and you have free access to it.

  5. Now combining the information from "CopyMaterial" and "Location" field you will know if the book you've searched can be borrowed. If it says "PŁ_Księg. wypożyczany" in the "CopyMaterial" field and "PŁ_Wolny dostęp" in the  "Location" field - you can get it - borrow on your account.

  6. Remember the sign under the "Holdings" name, in the first column of the items list -  it should be some numbers followed by letters. Without those you will not be able to locate book in the library.

  7. Look below - in the example the sign is 1/17 ZIMBAR - numbers refer to the area of knowledge (exactly to the specific class of the Universal Decimal Classification), to the particular bookstand (or bookstands) concerning books on that specific field of knowledge. So now you will have to locate bookstands with 1/17 number on it. In this example you will have to go to the first floor, where are books with signs from 001/003 to 621.9. On the second floor are books with numbers from 622/623 to 93/94.

  8. After you locate the bookstand, you can search for desired books - within the branch/UDC class they are arranged in the alphabetical order. So now you need the second part of the sign from the item information. That part - six letters - refer to the beginning of the author's name or the book's title. In the example it was ZIMBAR.

  9. Considering the example below, on the bookstand with number 1/17 under ZIMBAR there should be two books, one which can onlu be use in the library (this one will have a red sticker on it) and the second one you will be able to borrow.

Check also the page How to use the catalog for more information.

All collections in the main library are in open shelf system. Users have free access to all the shelves with books and periodicals. Usuallny librarian’s assistance is not needed. But there’s always somebody you can ask for help or guidance.

Books are accessible on three library floors, arranged by subject.


For borrowing books we prepared two self-check machines (1st and 2nd floor). Their interface is available in Polish and English - to borrow a book just follow the instructions.


Find periodicals

Periodicals are library-use only. They are available in open-shelf system:

• in the reading room on the ground floor - current issues.

• on the stacks on the ground floor (back issues) in alphabetical order

Check  Search for a periodical page for information how to use Library's computer catalog to search for specific issues of serials.


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