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Library offers over 120 computers for users, all connected to the internet. Students can use them freely - but some demand authorisation with library card or Students ID. Every PC have web browser and office suite installed (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or other), some of them have additional software like AutoCAD 2006, Autodesk AutoCAD Revit Series 8.1, VIZ Render 2006.


Whole library is in the range of Wi-Fi network called EDUROAM.

Wireless networking is available across the Lodz University of Technology campuses. You can access the Internet through Wi-Fi using university’s network EDUROAM. It needs installing two certificates on your laptop or other mobile device. If your have your certificate from home university it should be still valid and connect you to EDUROAM.

If not – use library computers or wire connection. Free LAN ports are available in the library on the ground floor (room 3) and on the 1st floor (room 103) and you can borrow network cable from the circulation desk (Student ID is needed).


Students can use self-service scanners. Scanning is free of charge:

flatbed scanners can be found on each floor


professional scanners for scanning materials in formats bigger than A4 is on the 1st and 2nd floor.



Printers are available from librarians' desk - users can send files to the printer through network, from PC's  they're working on. Later they can pick printed pages from the librarian. Printing is available on the ground floor and on the 3rd floor. Printing is a paid service - one page costs 30 groszy. They are only black and white prints available.

Photocopy machines

Self-service photocopy machines are also available on every library floor. Copies are available only in black and white. To get the copies users must put coins to get copies or to buy card for some amount of copies. The charge is 10 groszy for one copy (A4) and 20 groszy for A3 pages.



223 Wólczańska Street
90-924 £ód¼
NIP: 727 002 18 95

Office phone: (+48) 42-631-20-59; fax (+48) 42-631-29-39
User Services phone: (+48) 42-631-20-73

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