Library spaces

Open-shelf system and reading rooms

Library users (those who have an electronic student or library card) have the right to use all of the library's collections. For statistical purposes, users are asked to submit a valid library card or other identity document after entering the reading rooms or repositories.

Free access areas include three library floors and all collections - generally those are the areas in which collections of books and magazines are stored. This is why strict rules apply to items we allow to enter with and clothing. First of all, the outer garment (coats, jackets, umbrellas) should be left in the cloakroom on the ground floor, and the backpacks and bags in the deposit cabinets, which can be found on every Library's floor. In addition, you should not eat or drink, and use your mobile phone so that you do not disturb other users in the library.


On the ground floor the free access area is a reading room with a computer lab, as well as periodicals and PhD theses repository.

On the first floor you can find circulation desk and collection of books.

On the second floor you can find a collection of books and Polish standards.

If you want to use our printed collection, you will have to use Online catalog in order to find the location of specific item. If you are having trouble finding books or periodicals in the catalog, look at "How to use the catalog" page.

Circulation desk and librarian reference desk


On the first floor you can find circulation desk (also called issue desk or lending room) where typical library procedures are performed, such as checking in and checking out materials, registering patrons and collecting fines. In case of any problems with account or login to get access to electronic resources, you should come to the circulation desk.

On every library floor you can find librarian reference desk and get help with finding books and other materials, get directions of how to move around the library, what resources are available and how to use library equipment. Reference desks are on the ground floor in the periodicals reading room, on the first and second floor in the books repository and the reading room.

Quiet study and Collaboration zones

All individual studies and group projects can be prepared in comfortable conditions in library spaces and reading rooms, especially in Reading magazines on the ground floor and open spaces on the 2nd floor.

In the areas with open-shelf system and open access to collections, users must obey the basic principles of library use - leave clothing in the cloakroom, lock up bags and backpacks in deposit lockers on the ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor), don't bring food or drinks and don't talk loudly on mobile phone.

Fortunately part of the space in the library isn't a subject to these rules. The library offers many places where users can feel more comfortable without leaving personal things or restrictions on talking on the mobile phone, eating and drinking.

Open spaces

The library strives to meet the expectations of its users by offering spaces where conditions are created for students to work on their own terms, without interfering with the librarian and no restrictions typical for other library areas: you can eat, drink, talk loudly, use cell phones, and there's no need to leave your outerwear or backpacks in the lockers or cloakroom.

Other spaces are on the 1st floor. Numerous tables provide not only a convenient place for consuming food, they are also a popular meeting place. There is an art gallery called Biblio-Art, where students have the opportunity to experience art while working, learning or having a time for relax.